Who are we?

We are a gathering of equals eager to learn and expand our awareness by exploring subjects that really matter, and make a difference to our own lives and those of others. However, it is not just about sharing knowledge – we recognize the wealth of wisdom and life experience within the group and encourage all to tap their inner knowing. Jean Wildervanck facilitates the group, with guest speakers regularly invited to present thought provoking topics. Space is always given for dialogue as we also learn from one another, thus honouring the guru within each of us.

We pride ourselves on being an open community meaning all are welcome. We accept that whoever is present has been guided to be there.


Where did we start?

In August, 2012, after hosting a lecture series by Natalia Baker, I felt inspired to start this community learning group. With many years’ experience of facilitating training in the corporate setting and contractual lecturing for the NMMU Business school, the need for vibrant yet affordable knowledge sharing forum, open to all, became apparent. Social responsibility and the desire to make a positive contribution to life in the New South Africa also played a role. 


Qualifications to participate

  • Desire for spiritual and personal growth.
  • Open-minded and a willing to explore one’s own boundaries.
  • Interest in learning and self-enrichment through knowledge.
  • Willing to learn from others and to share one’s own wisdom.

Courses on offer


To see which programmes are happening when please go to DIARY.
Alternatively, you may want to suggest a community, time and place.

The nature of these short courses is interactive and collaborative.
The value added is fellowship and friendship.

The courses are affordable, practical and relevant. The feel is that of an Open University: quality programmes at low cost, open to all - no entry requirements, exams or assessments. It’s not about formal qualifications and certificates but we offer a high return on family and societal health and wellbeing. Become part of our learning community by signing up for our newsletter.

It’s all about you. How you relate to and interact with others.
It’s about increasing the quality of everyday life.

"Never underestimate the power of planting a seed of Truth in a fertile mind".




"These well-known stories of Genesis have the power to change one's life forever.  I say this because such was their impact on me, once I understood their metaphysical meaning. I began to see how each story and all the characters portrayed are also me and my story". (JW)


Rather than regular Bible study this course becomes a psycho-spiritual journey that begs introspection from us. As the veil is lifted on the deeper meanings of each story, so we are encouraged to delve deeper into ourselves. We get to integrate what we know from The Hero's Journey and our other studies. Expect profound a-ha moments and personal growth along the way.


Personal commitment: To get the full benefit of this course it is recommended you do the suggested pre-class reading and the written assignments between sessions.


SOUL STORIES 1: Family Loyalties & Legacies


The person we are today is the result of all our interactions and choices to date. We are who we are thanks to the families we hail from and those we currently find expression in. In these deep connections our souls sing with joy, sigh with sadness, find resilience to carry on and relish the possibility of a new dawn. Careers and professions play second fiddle to these primary relationships.

Together we explore Boszormenyi-Nagy’s contextual approach, set family constellations as the need arises and work through the givens of life as set out in David Richo’s book, The Five Things we cannot Change. It’s about making peace with the past so as to better reach our destinations.

You will learn about loyalties and legacies, entitlements and acknowledgements, love and loss, reconciliation, restoration and putting things to rest.
There is no such thing as a perfect family. It’s about reclaiming ourselves and celebrating the person each one of us is.


SOUL STORIES 2: Faith, Future & Families


We go deeper with advanced personal and spiritual work; work that allows you to be a more resilient and attuned person in a fast changing world and to be a resource to others.

While we expand on some of our previous themes, adding new thought, heart and soul material, SoulStories 2 is more geared to doing the work that will help you realize a future you want.

We will be exploring ways to live your life on purpose using the Trinity and Diamond Leadership models, John Fowler’s Stages of Faith and the stages of human development, the family life cycle, intimacy in relationships, grandparent-grandchildren dynamics and the roles we all can play in collective healing.

There will also be opportunity for you to state your particular need. In this way we co-create these sessions.



Are you wanting to work in a very special way?

…to do the necessary inner work and be ready to take on whatever comes your way, mindfully and with a joyful presence?
Those who have already done this course say they come away feeling uplifted and inspired, their load lightened and themselves renewed.

It's about effecting shifts in our lives that work for us; the importance of right relationships and what to do about those that are stuck. We explore ways to grow in consciousness and know our essential nature i.e. our true identity.

Along the way we share practical skills and insights that help make life's journey more enjoyable.

The timing and duration of this programme can be adjusted to meet your specific need. It is generally done as 8 three hour sessions.



Knowing about one's own personality bias and having some understanding of the way others see the world is one of the most helpful gifts we can give ourselves. The greater our understanding, the more compassionate we can be to ourselves and others and the better our relationships.

Emotions are the language of the soul. How we 'do' our emotions is largely determined by our personality. So, for example, we do not all do anger in the same way nor express love in the same way.

Journey with us as we explore our biases and extend our emotional range; we learn from each other and attune to the soul.

First session: Overview of the 9 personality types as per the Enneagram

Next three sessions: The three instinctual centres – head, heart and body

Fifth session: ‘Wings’ and ‘lines’ as per the Enneagram

Sixth session: The Spiritual Enneagram: deepest fears, greatest gifts

The programme can also be presented as a week-end retreat.


JOURNEYING TOGETHER: Various presenters

We have many exceptional people within our learning community. Increasingly they are taking turns to lead the Wednesday afternoon classes. My hope is that with time we will have a community of teachers and be able to reach out further afield.