A Systemic approach to Complex Challenges


The term ‘organization’ is not readily associated with ‘constellation’, the latter conjuring up images of stars and galaxies. Yet, just as there is an arrangement or order defining the relationships of heavenly bodies to one another and all of this is ever evolving, so too are the entities and organizations we humans have established here on earth.


Organizational Constellations looks at these ‘arrangements’, asks questions about their efficiencies and intervenes by suggesting adjustments that optimize the relational ‘field’. The constellation process ‘simulates’ organizational dynamics, the difference being that there and then shifts begin to happen in the actual system.


This method has been shown to be extremely effective when dealing with multi-dimensional, complex problems and situations where there is something at play in the system that is hitherto unseen. You, the client, have the sense of being stuck; other problem-solving methods have not worked. Then it is time for constellations. 

Constellations have become especially renown for addressing the intricacies that often arise in family businesses.

Or, it may be that you are embarking on a new venture where there is considerable risk. Organizational constellations can indicate the strategy most likely to bear fruit.


So, what do constellations do?

These spatial arrangement show us the relationship dynamics of a particular situation in a way that elicits new information about the system which, in turn, allows one to deal effectively with the past, present & future.


Constellations are:

  1. Time efficient and cost effective.
  2. Accurate, thanks to objective feedback from representatives standing in the relational field and reporting on their experiences.
  3. Lays the past to rest; some healing happens immediately
  4. Positively impacts the future; shifts happen immediately and continue to happen long after the event.
  5. Educational; client watches from a meta-position & sees themselves