Where did we start?

Having hosted a series of inspirational lectures in 2012 by a teacher from Cape Town, Jean felt inspired to start this community group. With many years’ experience of facilitating training in the corporate setting and as a contractual lecturer for the NMU Business School, she saw the need for vibrant yet affordable knowledge sharing, open to all, at community level.


Qualifications to participate

  • Desire for spiritual and personal growth.
  • A hunger to know more, be more & be still in oneself more.
  • Open-minded and willing to explore own boundaries.
  • Willing to share own wisdom and to learn from others.
  • Have the interests of our country and the world at heart and to play personal insights and learning forward.

You are invited!


Jean Mathews Wildervanck is the Director of the Open Learning Community. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the Social Sciences (UFS and Unisa). 
Her interest in theology and spirituality evolved out of the five years she was a contractual lecturer in the Divinity Department of Rhodes University. This expanded when work commitments took her to South-East Asia and many East African countries. She is an ardent student of World Religions.
The Enneagram Personality Profiler is one of her passions which she links to Emotional Intelligence in a team oriented process. She trained with, amongst others, Risso and Hudson when they visited South Africa in 2005.
She also does Family, land and community constellations and is a member of the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA). 
She is a coach (trained with James Flarety at the GSB, UCT) and an NLP practitioner (Advanced Human Technologies).  


Full CV available on request.