Recent developments in our country point to the urgent need for courageous leadership, not only at national level, but also in communities across the board. Given our expertise in training and development, we have become increasingly involved in training civic leaders in the art of facilitation and enhancing their skill-set to guide and counsel people in their communities. 


We gladly partner with establish civic organizations where the shared goal is to meaningfully contribute to the development of a South Africa where everyone can live with dignity and integrity.


FutureLink Now first began to offer community orientated programmes in 2012 when we established our 104 Open Learning Community. We continue to meet regularly at 104 Main road, Walmer. As of 2015 we also began to offer courses in New Brighton, Motherwell, King Williamstown and Newton Park by partnering with other community based organizations and churches. We are motivated to play our part in building a better South Africa by offering civic leaders training.



Our community orientated programmes focus on:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Family Care
  • Leadership development




FUTURELINK NOW  has a number of ‘Subject Matter Expert’ associates who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others. The following table shows the programmes on offer:




Who says you have no choice?        

Facilitator: Gisella Brauer


Practical exploration on how your choices influence the quality of your world. With Choice Theory as a guide we get to improve our relationships on all levels.


Being an Emotionally Intelligent Community Leader   

Facilitator: Jean Wildervanck

Serving a community as their leader demands EQ par excellence. Learn how to manage strong emotions – your own and those of others - and build relationships that last.


 A Matter of Faith   

Facilitator: Jean Wildervanck


We apply Fowler’s Stages of Faith to real time SA.

Faith makes the difference when times are tough.


Pastoral Care of Families

Facilitators: Jean Wildervanck

What is meant when we say ‘family’; the balance of give and take; the importance of love, loyalty and legacy.

Money, money, money

Facilitators: Jean Wildervanck                     and Antonio Bastos

Developing the right attitude to money is often the first step out of poverty. We examine our deeply held beliefs about money and if we can permit ourselves to have it.


Business Plan Essentials

Facilitator: Antonio Bastos


Are you planning to put your business idea into practise? Or have you already taken that step and are struggling with some of the complexities? By participating in this workshop you will understand the importance and how to put together a business plan. 


Stories for Personal growth 

Facilitator: Margo Bastos


Revisiting ancient stories for creative ways to deal with the age old human dramas of rivalry, favouritism, betrayal, etc.


Interview Skills 

Facilitator: Jean Stedman


How to conduct a successful interview

How to ace that job interview


Building a Positive Personal Brand

Facilitator: Jean Stedman

Working with what you already have to be the best that you can be


Gratitude Workshop  

Facilitator: Jean Stedman

Learning the Art of being Thankful


Counselling the Bereaved   

Facilitator: Annette Neuschafer

Leaders are often custodians of community life, also its grief. You need to know how to respond empathically but also help people to move on.


 Growing up, confidently rising to challenges

Facilitator: Marelise Lerm

Stages of Human Development  and understanding the challenges of each stage   


Dealing with Trauma              

Facilitator: Marelise Lerm

Teaching leaders the skills of trauma counselling



You are most welcome to contact us should you want to partner with us in any way.