Our lead product, Unlocking Potential through the Power of Choice, is supported by a number of other training products. Each of these products emphasize individual and collective responsibility while also promoting positive interpersonal relationships in the interest of private and public sector business, the community and environment. These products may also be presented in a once-off, stand alone way.


On offer are:

  • Anything is Possible with a Positive Mental Attitude  -  Facilitator: Antonio Bastos
  • Positive minds create Happy Workplaces  -  Facilitator: Antonio Bastos
  • Business Plan Essentials  -  Facilitator: Antonio Bastos
  • Entrepreneurship: A Hero's Journey  -  Facilitator: Margo Bastos
  • Personality and Emotions at work in Teams  -  Facilitator: Jean Wildervanck
  • Changing Social Memes and their challenge to SME's  -  Facilitator: Jean Wildervanck


Associate Facilitators

Antonio Bastos is an electrical engineer who, during his 29 years in the field, increasingly found his attention shifting to how humans apply their inherent mid-body-soul energy in their lives. 

Antonio's workshops are highly interactive; participants are called on to share and engage in activities and discussions throughout the training session(s).

Various media is used to illustrate key learning points.   All required course materials will be provided.

To learn more about the programmes Antonio has on offer, visit https://web.facebook.com/howtobeorganized/


Margo Bastos is an academic and business person with a fascination for story - how we tell the stories of our lives, our businesses and society.

Using the template of  'The Hero's Journey' she encourages all to find the deeper meaning in the narratives that surround us and to draw on universal truths, encouraging us to live more authentic and purposeful lives.



Anything is Possible with a Positive Mental Attitude



Are you happy with what you are currently attracting into your life?


Our world is going through turbulent times. It’s hard to avoid the endless stream of disconcerting news that has become part of our lives. Worse still, our brain has been designed to continuously scan for potential dangers and even though most of today’s perceived dangers are probabilistic, the brain cannot tell the difference. It is no wonder that people feel worried and negative about life. This fear based attitude leads to unhappiness, sluggishness and indifference.


The reality is very different! For most of us in South Africa, quality of life at all levels has improved more in the past two decades than ever before. So, while there will be turbulent times and interruptions along the way, our lives will continue to improve despite the horrors that we are exposed to by the mainstream media.


The greatest tool for changing from a doom and gloom stance to a more positive perception of reality, is the human mind. Understand that we do not attract what we want, we attract into our lives what we are.


We are our thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts and feelings lead to happy individuals with high self-confidence.


This workshop will give you the tools to turn your debilitating habits into liberating attitudes. With this new positive attitude to life, you will experience happiness and confidence and realise that anything is possible.


Workshop Objectives


This workshop will give you the tools to turn your debilitating habits into liberating attitudes. With this new positive attitude to life, you will experience happiness and confidence and realise that anything is possible.  At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Take control of their lives and create their future
  • Live each day with purpose
  • Overcome barriers to their personal and professional achievements


Format of this Workshop


  • Duration - can be customized to your particular need
  • Aimed at all individuals (private and workplace)
  • Maximum of 15 participants


Facilitator: António Bastos



Business Plan Essentials



Are you planning to put your business idea into practise? Or have you already taken that step and are struggling with some of the complexities?


I believe that many businesses fail because most individuals are so preoccupied or obsessed with their business idea or dream that they fail to see a potential flaw with their plan. This flaw only becomes obvious later and often with disastrous consequences.


A well thought out business plan is your map to success. It helps others understand your business and it becomes a reference manual to remind you why you started this business in the first place.


Workshop Objectives


By participating in this workshop you will understand the importance of and how to put together a business plan.


  • What is a business plan
  • The importance of a business plan
  • What a business plan should contain
  • Put together a business plan


Available Format

  • Usually run as a one-day course
  • Duration of training day is 4 hours
  • Aimed at all individuals intending to start a business or those already running a business
  • Maximum of 20 Participants


Facilitator: António Bastos



Entrepreneurship: A Hero's Journey


We all have a story to tell. It may be the story of our business or an entrepreneurial venture. It may be the story of our lives to date. How we frame our story influences its meaning and how we respond to it.


The Hero’s Journey, or the monomyth, was developed by Joseph Campbell and is a basic pattern of storytelling that is found in narratives from around the world.

Learn how your story fits within the context of the bigger story. Knowing the “roadmap” gives encouragement, insight and inspiration.


Available Format

  • Duration - 4 hours
  • Entrepeneurs and professionals, new and established 


Facilitator: Margo Bastos



Changing Social Memes and their Challenge to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's)


Spiral Dynamics offers us a practical way to understand the societal changes currently happening across globe and how they impact your business, especially employee and customer behaviour. 

We increasingly talk about a fourth industrial age and the circular economy, yet there is little guidance 'out there' on how to get to this 'just over the horizon' new world. While Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory do not claim offer a well defined pathway to the future, they do provide good signage and what to be on the look out for.

The insights to be gained from the work of Graves, Cowan, Beck and Wilber help leaders plan, organize and strategise more effectively while also contributing to the long term sustainability of your business. 

Available Format

  • Duration - 4 hours
  • Anyone wanting to read the signs of the times more effectively 


Facilitator: Jean Mathews Wildervanck




Personality and Emotions working for Team Effectiveness


The combined wisdom of The Enneagram Personality Profiler and Emotional Intelligence are put to work to help workplace teams realize their full potential.

Come away with less judgement and more understanding and compassion knowing how to harness each team member's strengths and compliment each other so that weaknesses are minimized. 

Available Format

  • Duration - 4 hour introduction and/or a 2 day team building workshop
  • Supervisors, team leaders, business owners 


Facilitator: Jean Mathews Wildervanck