CONSTELLATIONS is a holistic and systemic way of locating both problems and solutions embedded in the client’s wider system. This method provides a visual map of the, until then, unseen and unimagined aspects or elements of the client’s situation thanks to representatives (reps) being placed in the field who then report on their experiences from that vantage point.


The ‘new’ information gained via these ‘outsider’ (the reps) helps the client to overcome stuckness and resolve issues so as to move forward. This makes constellations a time and cost effective way for addressing complex issues.



  • gives us freedom from the past
  • gives us insight into the present
  • points us to the future.


What makes this method so special? Answer: representatives and the field.


THE FIELD exists in all time and all space i.e. in all dimensions. It is the very fabric of the Universe. The field is not made up of things or thoughts per se but of the vibrational nature of those things and thought forms and how they exist in relation to one another. It is the space in between.


Human beings are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; we function consciously and unconsciously; individually and collectively. In all these ways we participate in and co-create fields of existence. In homes and workplaces there are identifiable fields influenced by the nature, values and visions of those present. In religious life we rely on blessings/deeksha, communion/mass/yoga, prayer and ritual to be in relation with the Divine. Likewise nature and the many other realms of existence generate their specific signature field. Ultimately all is one!


We shape and are shaped by the field. We are all connected and interdependent.


While nowadays sophisticated instrumentation exits that indicate the field (see Dr Rupert Sheldrake), neuro-psychiatrists (e.g. Dr Daniel J Siegel) are confirming mankind’s extra sensory ability, especially when it comes to human relationships.


Relationships are felt rather than designed. Our somatic intelligence, itself a relational field, reliably engages and reports on the wider field and it does so before we can think about it. We often choose to ignore it as we tend to value our thoughts more, forgetting that the mind generally has its own agenda and is prone to interpret and embellish human drama. The soma, on the other hand, is. It reports directly on a situation immediately stating what finds fit with it and what not. We can say that the body has a conscience that is worth heeding.


Mystics, who have known this for a long time, tell us that when we are present to the field we are awake. This awareness allows us to experience and respond to the fields’ vibrational encryptions. And we do so with our bodies, not with our minds! Thanks to the autonomous nervous system our bodies sense the field before our minds, and with that our egos, can interpret it.


The field informs and always behaves in a structured and coherent way. German psychiatrist and constellator, Dr Albrecht Mahr describes it as knowing. When we are present to the field its information and knowingness becomes available to us.   


We say…  the knowing(adj) field(n) knows (v).

Knowledge, simply put, is something you can do something with; something organized in a useful way. By all accounts the field presents knowledge in a useful and well organized way.


REPRESENTATIVES are people who stand in for other people, mostly the family members of the client, and who ‘lend’ their somatic intelligence to help bring about a more complete understanding of the client’s situation.


Representatives are asked to just say what they experience in their bodies when in the client’s field and not to interpret their experiences. Their neutrally is further enhanced by the fact that they do not have the loyalties and conditioning of the client(s).


It never ceases to amaze those who do this work how accurately representatives are able to represent the relationships of people they have never met just by reporting on their experience in the client’s field. This happens even when the representatives are given only scant information on the client situations, so as not to bias or influence them. Since the inception of constellations in the 80’s there has been on-going research into this with many theories being put forward. There are still no conclusive explanations for this phenomenon, only that clients consistently report on the usefulness of the experience.


Throughout a constellation the facilitator uses the scientific method of setting hypotheses and then checks and re-checks them with the representatives. Each time representatives change their position or there is a manoeuvre, the field shifts releasing more relational information that needs checking.  Judith Hemming, a British gestalt therapist and constellations master trainer, talks about the lawfulness of systems.


The facilitator’s responsibility is to assist the client with the interpretation of the information elicited by the representatives so that it best serves the client.


THE CLIENT(S) ultimately decides how they will use the experience of constellations. Some clients view the information gained via the representatives as givens whereas others regard it as indicators. Whatever the client’s preference, the process of constellations will have enlarged the client’s story. Other potentials will have become available to the client. The client decides how to write the next chapter of their life.



THE HOLDING CIRCLE While it may seem that the representatives altruistically lend their bodies to the constellation, the experience of being present to the field yields its own insights and affirms man’s interconnection and interdependence. It brings understanding, harmony and compassion, not only for the client but for all. Those who regularly ‘rep’ and witness for others report that their own burdens lighten!


All who witness and do constellations are encouraged to make peace with what has gone before and to embrace what life has to offer.